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Sunday Times Teaser 2937 – Long Division

by Graham Smithers

Published January 6 2019 (link)

I wrote down a 2-digit number and a 5-digit number and then carried out a long division.

I then erased all of the digits in the calculation, other than the 1’s, and so finished up with the image above.

If I told you how many different digits I had erased, then you should be able to work out my two original numbers.

What were my two original numbers?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    This uses my partition_unique function that is described here

    • geoffrounce permalink

      I realised Brian’s code could be adapted to give a Python dictionary solution, based on the answer having a unique number of digits

  2. Here’s my solution using the [[ SubstitutedDivision() ]] and [[ filter_unique() ]] functions from the library. [ ]

    [ ]

    Note that there are no further solutions to the more general problem where the erased digits may be 1.

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