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The GNU Linear Programming Kit (GLPK)

Solving with the Gnu Linear Programming Kit (GLPK)

The GNU Linear Programming Kit is a free set of tools for solving linear programming problems.  It is written in C but there are several interfaces that allow it to be used from Python. These include PyGLPKctypes-glpk and PyMathProg but, sadly, none of these have been updated to work with Python 3 or the current version of GLPK (4.49).   However, ctypes-glpk uses Python’s ctypes for its GLPK interface and I found that it was possible to build on this to provide a version that works with Python 3 and glpk 4.49 on Windows.  I have made my version available here.

Using GLPK via Python, we can now solve the puzzle as follows:

Here are some of the configurations that the program finds:


There is also a solution with 22 red hearts in 11 rows but this takes more than 9 hours to find on my 2GHz i7 machine, which means that the prospect of going further with GLPK is bleak.