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Sunday Times Brain-Teaser 351 – Birthday Party

by BRG on March 24, 2024

by J S Rowley

Published 28th January 1968 (link)

Some years ago the Bell family were holding their usual annual special birthday party. Four members of the family, of four different generations, had birthdays on the same day of the year. They were old Adam, his son Enoch, Enoch’s son Joseph and Joseph’s son David. On this occasion David remarked that the sum of any three of their four ages was a perfect square

Some years later old Adam died on his birthday, but it so happened that on the very same day David’s son Samuel was born, and the annual party was continued in subsequent years.

In 1967 at the usual party Samuel made exactly the same remark that David had made, on the previous occasion.

In what year did Adam die and how old was he then?

(Perhaps I should mention that no one survived to be 100!).

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