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Sunday Times Teaser 2891 – Nine Cut Diamonds

by Stephen Hogg

Published February 18 2018 (link)

An app “shuffles” and “deals” the “ace” (=1) to “nine” of diamonds in a line, face down. Three numbers under 30 are chosen at random and each will win if it is a factor of the hidden nine-digit value. Keying # reveals the rightmost face-down card. At such a “reveal” the app displays “won”, “lost” or “in-play” for each number. The rightmost face-down cards are revealed singly until all are known. For one deal my three numbers didn’t include a prime number and after two “reveals” were all “in-play”. After the third “reveal”, two were “won” and one “lost”.

At the third “reveal” what three-digit number was displayed?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    My first attempt at this failed miserably but John Crabtree suggested an approach that worked much better than the one I had tried (thanks John!).

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