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Sunday Times Teaser 2714 – Group of Death

by Nick MacKinnon

In a Champions League four teams play each other twice with the top two teams going through to the next stage. If teams are equal on points, their positions are determined by their games against each other.

After five games each in one such contest the order was (A, B, C, D), each with a different number of points, A was certain to go through but teams B and C could still lead the group. But the last two games were draws.

All games had different results; none with more than 5 goals; the total goals for and against team D were equal; team A scored fewer goals than B, C or D, while team D scored more goals that A, B or C.

What were the results of the two games B v C?

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  1. brian gladman permalink

    This was a really laborious programming exercise, which would have taken even longer without help from the guys here. Its quite possible that Jim Randell’s football class in his could make a better job of it but I felt that would be like cheating. I could write my own generic solution but I don’t like football teasers so I am not inclined to do this!

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