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Sunday Times Teaser 3063 – Pie by Five

by Brian Gladman on June 5, 2021

by Colin Vout

Published Sunday June 06 2021 (link)

We had a delicious pie, rectangular and measuring 20 centimetres along the top and 13 centimetres in the other direction. We divided it into five pieces of equal area, using five straight cuts radiating from one internal point. This internal point was rather off centre, in the top left-hand quarter, although the distances from the left and top sides were both a whole number of centimetres. The points where the cuts met the edges were also whole numbers of centimetres along the edges; one edge had two cuts meeting it, and the other three edges had one each.

How far was the internal point from the left and top sides, and how far along the four sides (starting at the top) did the cuts reach the edges (measured clockwise along the edges)?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

  2. Frits permalink

    @Brian, your program is a bit easier for me to understand than Jim’s.

    You can also do the x-loop later as the first check doesn’t deal with x.
    It turns out only one value of y is possible.

  3. Brian Gladman permalink

    Yes, I originally had it with the loops in a different order but I decided that it was easier to understand with the x and y loops first.

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