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by Brian Gladman on July 10, 2020

Sunday Times Teaser 3016 – Eureka

by Andrew Skidmore

Published Sunday July 12 2020 (link)

Archimedes’ Principle states that the upward force on a floating body equals the weight of water displaced by the body. In testing this, Liam floated a toy boat in a cylindrical drum of water. The boat had vertical sides and took up one tenth of the surface area of the water. He also had some identical ball bearings (enough to fit snugly across the diameter of the drum), which were made of a metal whose density is a single-figure number times that of water.

Liam loaded the boat with the ball bearings and noted the water level on the side of the drum. When he took the ball bearings out of the boat and dropped them in the water, the water level changed by an amount equal to the radius of a ball bearing.

How many ball bearings did Liam have?

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