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New Scientist Enigma 508 – A Colourful Deception

by Keith Austin

From Issue #1660, 15th April 1989

Tour the Tulip Fields of Bulbania

The towns are Aldingsp , Beachhol, Chholbea, Dingspal, Eachholb, Fresh and Gspaldin. The colours (Blue Red, Yellow) are those of the tulips in that area. You will fly to Eachholb and then drive by coach, visiting each town exactly once.

“Miss Wheel, I understand you will be driving the coach for the tour. I am afraid we have a problem. The flight is being diverted to Chholbea, so you w ill collect your passengers there.

We do not want the tourists to realise there has been a change to the tour as advertised on the above leaflet, as they might ask for their money back. Now, they will not be able to read the names of the towns as they are in Bulbattian, but they can tell the colours of tulips and they have the map. I want you to start at Chholbea and drive round visiting each town exactly once, but so that as the tourists notice the colours on each side of the road, they will believe from their map that they are following a route as described on the leaflet, beginning at Eachholb.”

What route did Miss Wheel take and what route did the tourists think they were taking?

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