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Sunday Times Teaser 2893 – Win Some, Lose Some

by Victor Bryant

Published March 4 2018 (link)

The six teams in our local league play each other once in the season.

Last season no two teams tied on points.

Above is part of the table from the end of that season, with the teams in alphabetical order.

However, digits have been consistently replaced by letters.

Please send in the number of LEMONS.

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    Here is my solution using my football solver class:

  2. Arthur Vause permalink

  3. I derived a set of constraints from the table and then use the general alphametic solver (SubstitutedExpression()) from the library [ ].

    Here’s a run file that can be executed directly.

    The code can be executed on [ ]

    We could provide additional constraints (W=5; L,M,N,O,S are 0,1,2,3,4 (in some order)) but id doesn’t make much difference to the run time.

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