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Sunday Times Teaser 2886 – Metal Arithmetic

by Stephen Hogg

Published January 14 2018 (link)

The area of one face of a hot, steel cuboid block was a single-figure whole number of square feet; and it was within one per cent of this after cooling and contraction. When cool, it was cut, parallel to this face, into blocks of the same width and height, but unequal length. For the first cut block, its width, height and length, in inches, were different two-figure whole numbers with only four factors (including 1 and the number), and they had only the factor 1 in common. The same applied to the other cut blocks. Curiously, the six digits of the width, height and length of the first cut block were also all different.

In ascending order, what were the dimensions, in inches, of the shortest block?

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