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Sunday Times Teaser 2561 – Winning the Double

by Nick MacKinnon

Published: 23 October 2011 (link)

Four teams, A, B, C and D, played each other once in a league, then played a knockout competition. They scored a total of 54 goals in the nine games, with a different score in each game; no team scored more than five goals in any game. For each team the average number of goals per game was a different whole number. Team B beat D by a margin of more than one goal in the knockout competition, but team A took the double, winning all their games.

What was the score in the match CvD?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    This one is hopelessly slow without the initial analysis to show what the average goals per game must be.

    This shows that the CvD result is 5:5. Jim Randell has a football solver class in his collection of puzzle solving utilities. But I dislike football teasers (almost as much as I dislike football) so I am not inclined to spend time understanding and using it or building my own equivalent.

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