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Sunday Times Teaser 3203 – Circuit Maker

by BRG on February 9, 2024

by Mark Valentine

Published Friday February 09 2024 (link)

The racing chief tasked his designer for a new circuit. To create a 100:1 scale plan of the circuit the designer cut paper circles of 10cm radius into 12 equal sectors, then removed the top segments to create isosceles triangles with the two equal sides being 10cm. He arranged them on his desk to make a closed loop with no overlaps. Adjacent pieces always share the entire 10cm edge without overlap, but the short edges remain open.

The chief gave the following requirements. The start-finish line must be located on a straight section of at least 140m in length. Two circular viewing towers of 19m diameter must fit into the internal area, with one at either end of the circuit.

The designer minimised the internal area. How many triangles did he use?

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  1. BRG permalink

    This is a geometric teaser for which I have uploaded my manual solution here.

    • Mark permalink

      There is another solution with a much smaller internal area.

      • BRG permalink

        Thanks Mark, I suspected that I had more work to do (updated now).

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