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Sunday Times Teaser 3189 – Telling Tiles

by BRG on November 3, 2023

by Victor Bryant

Published Sunday November 05 2023

I have four tiles with a digit written on each of them: I shall refer to these as A, B, C and D. I have rearranged the tiles in various ways to make two 2-figure numbers and I have then multiplied those two numbers together (eg, CB times AD). In this way I have found as many answers as possible with this particular set of tiles and I have discovered that

I. The number of different answers is AB.

II. Of those answers B consist of the four digits A, B, C, D in some order.

III. There are C other 4-figure answers.

What are A, B, C and D respectively?

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  1. BRG permalink

    Here is an approach based on a manual analysis leading to an approach suggested by Tony Smith on the Sunday Times Teaser Discussion Group.

  2. John Z permalink

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