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Sunday Times Teaser 3180 – Taking the Chair

by BRG on September 1, 2023

by Victor Bryant

Published Sunday September 03 2023 (link)

There were eight people on the committee: four men — Jingo, King, Ling and Ming, and four women — Sheena, Tina, Una and Vina. They had to choose a chairperson from among themselves and so each of them voted for their choice, each person choosing someone of the opposite sex. Jingo’s choice’s choice was King. Also, Ling’s choice’s choice’s choice was Sheena. Furthermore, Tina’s choice’s choice’s choice’s choice was Una.

Just two people got fewer votes than their choice did. After further discussion the woman with the most votes was made chairperson.

(a) Who was that?

(b) Who voted for her?

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