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New Scientist Enigma 835 -Treble Top

by BRG on May 10, 2023

by Mark Bryant

From Issue #1990, 12th August 1995

Whenever I play darts I keep track of my score by writing down how many points I scored for each go (consisting of three darts) followed by the number of that go. For example, if I scored 27, 154 and 84 on my first three visits I would have written 2711542843.

After a recent game I noticed that if the digits were consistently replaced by letters, with different letters for different digits, then it read:


My total score was a prime number.

Please find the value of PLEASE.

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  1. BRG permalink

    With fixes and improvements from Frits.

  2. Frits permalink

    Without recursion (except for split_text).

    I avoided using eval() on the sum string.

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