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Sunday Times Teaser 3139 – Checkmate

by BRG on November 18, 2022

by Andrew Skidmore

Published Sunday November 20 2022 (link)

Our chess club is divided into sections, with each section having the same number of players. The two oldest members will soon be retiring from playing and we will change the number of sections. The number of sections will change by one and so will the number of players in each section, but all the sections will still have the same number of players. This will result in there being a grand total of 63 fewer matches per year if each member plays all the other members of their section once per year.

How many players are in each section at the moment?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

  2. GeoffR permalink

    More testing code, some initial code remmed out for correction on 24-11-22

  3. GeoffR permalink

    More remmed out code for testing correction… 24-11-22

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