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Sunday Times Teaser 3125 – The Bearings’ Trait

by BRG on August 12, 2022

by Stephen Hogg

Published Sunday August 14 2022 (link)

At Teaser Tor trig. point I found a geocaching box. The three-figure compass bearings (bearing 000=north, 090=east, etc.) from there to the church spires at Ayton, Beeton and Seaton were needed to decode the clue to the next location.

Each spire lay in a different compass quadrant (eg 000 to 090 is the North-East quadrant). Curiously, each of the numerals 1 to 9 occurred in these bearings and none of the bearings were prime values.

Given the above, if you chose one village at random to be told only its church spire’s bearing, it might be that you could not calculate the other two bearings with certainty, but it would be more likely you could.

Give the three bearings, in ascending order.

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