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Sunday Times Teaser 3110 – Many a Slip

by Brian Gladman on April 29, 2022

by Victor Bryant

Published Sunday May 01 2022 (link)

I have written down three 3-figure numbers in decreasing order and added them up to give their 4-figure sum, which is a perfect square: the digit 0 occurred nowhere in my sum.

Now I have attempted to replace digits consistently by letters and I have written the sum as


However, there’s “many a slip twixt cup and lip” and unfortunately one of those thirteen letters is incorrect. If you knew which letter was incorrect then you should be able to work out the three 3-figure numbers.

What are they?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    My first attempt was hopeless and ran in around 8 seconds! My second attempt was faster but was very long and not a great deal faster. But this one is Ok and runs in less than 100 milliseconds with profile based timing.

  2. John Z. permalink

    I used the initial part of the first version of your solution, Brian, and replaced your mismatch search with my own which I think is is simpler and easier to understand.

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