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Sunday Times Teaser 3107 – Room 101

by Brian Gladman on April 8, 2022

by Nick MacKinnon

Published Sunday April 10 2022 (link)

In the Ministry of Love, O’Brien told Winston Smith to calculate five-digit perfect squares, none sharing a prime factor with 1984. “And Winston, no two of them may differ by a multiple of 101 or you know what will happen. Now find as many as you can.” When Winston said he had found more than fifty, O’Brien replied, “Well done, Winston. Although there were a quadrillion solutions, I know some of your squares.” “Does the party control my mind?” “We do Winston. Did you choose 10201, for example?” “Of course not! It’s the worst square in the world!” “How many fingers am I holding up Winston?” “Three? Four? I don’t know!” “That’s how many of your squares we know.”

What four squares did O’Brien know?

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