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Sunday Times Teaser 3103 – Empowered

by BRG on March 11, 2022

by Howard Williams

Published Sunday March 13 2022 (link)

I have a rectangular garden whose sides are whole numbers of feet. Away from the edge, an exposed strip of ground, again a whole number of feet in width, runs straight across (not diagonally) from a shorter side of the garden to the other shorter side. I need to run an electrical cable along the ground, between two opposite corners of the garden. Where the cable crosses the exposed area, it has to be threaded through expensive linear ducting to avoid damage. Because of costs, whilst seeking to minimise the length of cable, my overriding concern is to minimise the length of ducting used.

The straight-line distance between the two corners to be connected is 123 feet, but in minimising costs, the length of cable needed is a whole number of feet longer than this.

What is the length of cable needed?

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