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Sunday Times Teaser 3102 – Jokers

by Brian Gladman on March 4, 2022

by Victor Bryant

Published Sunday March 06 2022 (link)

A group of us wanted to play a card game. We had a standard 52-card pack but we needed to deal out a whole pack with each person getting the same number of cards, so I added just enough “jokers” to make this possible. Then I randomly shuffled the enlarged pack (in this shuffled pack there was more than a 50:50 chance that there would be at least two jokers together). Then I dealt the cards out, each of us getting the same number (more than three). There was more than a 50:50 chance that my cards would not include a joker.

How many of us were there?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    An alternative that considers jokers before players.

  2. Erling Torkildsen permalink

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