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Sunday Times Teaser 3096 – That Strikes a Chord

by Brian Gladman on January 22, 2022

by Colin Vout

Published Sunday January 23 2022 (link)

Skaredahora used a scale with seven notes, labelled J to P, for an idiosyncratic composition. It had a sequence of chords, each comprising exactly three different notes (the order being immaterial). The sequence started and ended with JNP. Each change from one chord to the next involved two notes increasing by one step in the repeating scale, and the other decreasing by two steps (eg, JNP changing to KLJ).

Every chord (eventually) reachable from JNP was used at least once; every allowable change from one of these chords to another was used exactly once. The number of chord changes between the first pair of JNPs was more than that between the last such pair, but, given that, was the smallest it could be.

With notes in alphabetical order, what was the seventh chord in the sequence?

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