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Sunday Times Teaser 3093 – Shout Snap!

by Brian Gladman on January 1, 2022

by Victor Bryant

Published Sunday January 02 2022 (link)

My grandson and I play a simple card game. We have a set of fifteen cards on each of which is one of the words ACE, TWO, THREE, FOUR, FIVE, SIX, SEVEN, EIGHT, NINE, TEN, JACK, QUEEN, KING, SHOUT and SNAP. We shuffle the cards and then display them one at a time. Whenever two consecutive cards have a letter of the alphabet occurring on both we race to shout “Snap!”. In a recent game there were no snaps. I counted the numbers of cards between the “picture-cards” (J/Q/K) and there was the same number between the first and second picture-cards occurring as between the second and third. Also, the odd-numbered cards (3 to 9) appeared in increasing order during the game.

In order, what were the first six cards?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    In my first effort, I added the constraints on the four odd numbers and the court card positions outside the sequence generator but this turned out to be very slow so I had to add the constraints inside the generator to obtain a reasonable performance. Also ‘NigelR’ noticed here that cards containing ‘E’s must be at even positions and this provides a further major performance improvement.

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