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Sunday Times Teaser 3083 – Village Signposts

by Brian Gladman on October 23, 2021

by Colin Vout

Published Sunday October 24 2021 (link)

Inside a shed I saw where the council was preparing signposts for seven neighbouring villages. Between any two villages there is at most one direct road, and the roads don’t meet except at village centres, where the signposts are to stand. The arms were all affixed, and labelled except for one name to be completed on each. The names in clockwise order on each were as follows:

Barton, Aston, ?;
Barton, Grafton, ?;
Carlton, Forton, Eaton, ?;
Grafton, Aston, ?;
Dalton, Grafton, Eaton, ?;
Barton, Forton, Carlton, ?;
Dalton, Aston, ?

Starting at Dalton, I walked along roads, taking the road furthest rightwards at each village and returning to Dalton. I chose the first road so that I visited as many other villages as possible with this method.

In order, what were the other villages I visited?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    This solution needs the NetworkX library for determining whether the road arrangement is planar.

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