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Sunday Times Teaser 3081 – Connect Four

by Brian Gladman on October 8, 2021

by Howard Williams

Published Sunday October 10 2021 (link)

I have four different two-digit numbers, each having at least one digit which is a three. When I multiply any three of these numbers together I get a product that, with the inclusion of a leading zero, is one or more repetitions of the repetend of the reciprocal of the fourth two-digit number. A repetend is the repeating or recurring decimal of a number. For example 1 divided by 27 is 0.037037……, giving a repetend of 037; in that case, the product would be 37 or 37037 or 37037037 etc.

What, in ascending order, are the four two-digit numbers?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    Here is an analytical solution

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