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Sunday Times Teaser 3070 – Film Binge

by Brian Gladman on July 23, 2021

by Colin Vout

Published Sunday July 25 2021 (link)

I’m going to have a day binge-watching films. My shortlist is:

Quaver, starring Amerton, Dunino, Emstrey, Fairwater and Joyford;

Rathripe, starring Amerton, Codrington, Fairwater,Glanton and Ingleby;

Statecraft, starring Amerton, Codrington, Dunino, Hendy and Ingleby;

Transponder, starring Codrington, Dunino, Emstrey, Hendy and Ingleby;

Underpassion, starring Blankney, Emstrey, Fairwater, Hendy and Ingleby;

Vexatious, starring Amerton, Blankney, Dunino, Emstrey and Joyford;

Wergild, starring Blankney, Fairwater, Glanton, Hendy and Joyford;

X-axis, starring Blankney, Codrington, Fairwater, Glanton and Ingleby;

Yarborough, starring Blankney, Dunino, Glanton, Hendy and Joyford;

Zeuxis, starring Amerton, Codrington, Emstrey, Glanton and Joyford.

I dislike Ingleby and Joyford, so I don’t want either of them in more than two films; but I want to see each of the others in at least two films.

Which are the films I should watch?

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    10 microseconds internal run time (with PyPy).

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    @Frits. A nice piece of code!

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