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Sunday Times Teaser 3052 – Porcus Facit Griphus

by Brian Gladman on March 20, 2021

by Stephen Hogg

Published Sunday March 21 2021 (link)

“Argent bend sinister abased sable in dexter chief a hog enraged proper” blazons our shield (shaped as a square atop a semi-circle, with a 45° diagonal black band meeting the top corner). We’ve three shields. For the first, in centimetres, the top width (L) is an odd perfect cube and the vertical edge height of the band (v) is an odd two-figure product of two different primes. The others have, in inches, whole-number L (under two feet) and v values (all different). For each shield, the two white zones have almost identical areas. All three v/L values, in percent, round to the same prime number.

Give the shortest top width, in inches.

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