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Sunday Times Teaser 3040 – Moving Digit

by BRG on December 24, 2020

by Andrew Skidmore

Published Sunday December 27 2020 (link)

Jonny has opened a new bank account and has set up a telephone PIN. His sort code is comprised of the set of three two-figure numbers with the smallest sum which give his PIN as their product. He was surprised to find that the PIN was also the result of dividing his eight-figure account number by one of the three two-figure numbers in the sort code.

The PIN has an unusual feature which Jonny describes as a moving digit. If the number is divided by its first digit then the number which results has the same digits in the same order except that first digit is now at the end.

The account number does not contain the digit which moved.

What is the account number?

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    Similar to Teaser 3031 – End of the Beginning from October 25.

    Sort code digit pairs can have zero as a first digit. I have an account where all three sort code digit pairs begin with zero. The above coding examples assume that this cannot be the case, though in the event, this assumption holds up.

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