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Sunday Times Teaser 3034 – Reservoir Development

by BRG on November 14, 2020

by Graham Smithers

Published Sunday November 15 2020 (link)

A straight track from an observation post, O, touches a circular reservoir at a boat yard, Y, and a straight road from O meets the reservoir at the nearest point, A, with OA then extended by a bridge across the reservoir’s diameter to a disembarking point, B. Distances OY, OA and AB are whole numbers of metres, with the latter two distances being square numbers.

Following development, a larger circular reservoir is constructed on the other side of the track, again touching OY at Y, with the corresponding new road and bridge having all the same properties as before. For both reservoirs, the roads are shorter than 500m, and shorter than their associated bridges. The larger bridge is 3969m long.

What is the length of the smaller bridge?

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