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by Brian Gladman on May 22, 2020

Sunday Times Teaser 3009 – Head Count

by Victor Bryant

Published Sunday May 24 2020 (link)

My grandson and I play a simple coin game. In the first round we toss seven coins and I predict how many “heads” there will be whilst my grandson predicts the number of “tails”. After the tossing I score a point for each head plus a bonus of ten if my prediction was correct — my grandson scores likewise for the tails. We then repeat this with six coins, then five, and so on down to a single coin. After each round we keep cumulative totals of our scores. In one game, for over half of the pairs of cumulative scores, my grandson’s total was like mine but with the digits in reverse order. In fact he was ahead throughout and at one stage his cumulative total was double mine — and he had an even bigger numerical lead than that on just one earlier occasion and one later occasion.

List the number of heads in each of the seven rounds.

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