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by Brian Gladman on March 10, 2013

Sunday Times Teaser 2633 – Magic Mushrooms

by Graham Smithers

Anne, Dick, Enid, George, Julian, Pixie and Timmy were picking mushrooms. Each picked two varieties so that they collected these 14 varieties:

Bird’s Nest, Beef Steak, Blue Toothed, Cannon Ball, Death Cap,
Devil’s Urn, Inky Cap, Old Man of the Woods, Parasol, Poison Pie,
Stinkhorn, Slippery Jack, Tree Ears, The Gypsy

in total among them

If you wrote down the name of each group member with the two varieties of mushroom that they picked, you would then find that for any two of these three items there would be only two letters of the alphabet that were common to both.

What mushrooms were picked by (a) Pixie and (b) Enid?

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