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by Brian Gladman on July 31, 2019

New Scientist Puzzle 17 – Goals Rewarded

by Eric Emmet

From Issue #1068, 8th September 1977

A lot of people have been of the opinion for some time that in football competitions some importance should be attached to the number of goals scored as well as to the actual result of the game. It is hoped that this will lead to more goals and therefore to more attractive games.

Three local teams of my acquaintance have been experimenting on these lines. They have had a competition in which they all played each other once, and they have awarded ten points for a win, five points for a draw, no points of course for a loss, and one point for each goal scored.

As a result of this competition one team scored 16 points, the second scored 18 points, and the third scored 10 points. It was interesting to notice that at least one goal was scored by both sides in every match.

What was the score in each match?

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