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by Brian Gladman on April 2, 2017

Sunday Times Teaser 2845 – Baled Out

by Nick MacKinnon

Published April 2 2017 (link)

In my fantasy Euro football championship the four home teams were in the same group, with each team playing each other team once. Group positions were decided on points, then using “goal differences” and then “goals scored” if necessary.

After having played two games each, just three goals had been scored in the group, leading to England being ahead with Northern Ireland second, Scotland third and Wales fourth. Wales realised that they had to score at least three goals in their remaining game in order to have a chance of being group leaders. In the final game of the group, Bale scored a third goal in the dying seconds, resulting in Wales being group winners and knocking England into second place.

What were the scores in the six games (in the order EvN, EvS, EvW, NvS, NvW, SvW)?

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