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Sunday Times Teaser 3012 – Number Blind Rage

by Stephen Hogg

Published Sunday June 14 2020 (link)

After school, angry at getting “50 lines”, I kicked my satchel around. Impacts made my 11-digit calculator switch on. An 11-digit number was also entered and the display was damaged. Strangely, I found “dYSCALCULIA” displayed and saved this to memory (as shown).

After various tests I confirmed that all arithmetic operations were correct and the decimal point would appear correctly if needed. No segments were permanently “on”, two digits were undamaged, and for the other digits, overall, several segments were permanently “off”.

Retrieving “dYSCALCULIA”, I divided it by 9, then the result by 8, then that result by 7, then that result by 6. No decimal point appeared and the last result (at the right-hand side of the display) had three digits appearing as numerals.

What number was “dYSCALCULIA”?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    Here is a version using bit masks:

    Here is a picture of the calculator after the four divisions, showing the missing segments: I would say that there are more than ‘several’ missing!

  2. Erling Torkildsen permalink

  3. Brian Gladman permalink

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