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Sunday Times Teaser 3000 – The Three Thousandth

by Richard England

Published Sunday March 22 2020 (link)

__T H R E E
+ T H O U S
+ A N D T H

In this addition digits have been consistently replaced by letters, different letters representing different digits. But instead of an addition in base 10 in which the letters represent the digits 0 to 9 this is an addition in base 11, using X for the extra digit, in which the letters represent the digits 1 to X, with 0 unused.

Please submit the number (still in base 11) represented by TEASER.

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    This solution uses my AlphaSum solver.

  2. GeoffR permalink

    This teaser has ten letters to represent the stated digits in base 11 i.e.(1 to 10) and lends itself to a stage permutation solution

  3. # A more lazy solution. Replace ‘a’ with ‘X’ in the solution if required.

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