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Sunday Times Teaser 2992 – Crystal Cleavage Calamity!

by Stephen Hogg

Published January 26 2020 (link)

My “mystic” crystal stood on its triangular end face, with every side of the triangle being less than 10cm. It had three vertical sides and an identical triangular top end face, with the height being under 50cm. Unfortunately, during dusting, it fell and broke in two. The break was a perfect cleavage along an oblique plane that didn’t encroach on the end faces, so I then had two, pointed, pentahedral crystals.

Later, I found that the nine edge lengths, in cm, of one of these were all different whole numbers — the majority prime — and their total was also a prime number. Curiously, the total of the nine, whole-number, edge lengths, in cm, of the other piece was also a prime number.

What was the total for this latter piece?

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