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Sunday Times Teaser 2986 – The Prhymes’ Numbers

by Stephen Hogg

Published December 15 2019 (link)

The Prhymes’ triple live album “Deified” has hidden numerical “tricks” in the cover notes. Track 1, with the shortest duration, is a one-and-a-half minute introduction of the band, shown as “1. Zak, Bob, Kaz 1:30” in the cover notes. The other nineteen tracks each have different durations under ten minutes and are listed similarly with durations in “m:ss” format.

For each of tracks 2 to 20, thinking of its “m:ss” duration as a three-figure whole number (ignoring the colon), the track number and duration value each have the same number of factors. Curiously, the most possible are palindromic; and the most possible are even.

What is the total album duration (given as m:ss)?

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