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Sunday Times Teaser 2983 – Maths for Dessert

by Danny Roth

Published November 24 2019 (link)

George and Martha have their five daughters round the dinner table. After the meal, they had ten cards numbered 0 to 9 inclusive and randomly handed two to each daughter. Each was invited to form a two-digit number. The daughter drawing 0 obviously had no choice and had to announce a multiple of ten.

However, the others each had the choice of two options. For example if 3 and 7 were present, either 37 or 73 would be permissible. George added up the five two-digit numbers (exactly one being divisible by 9) and Martha noticed that three of the individual numbers divided exactly into that total.

What was the total of the remaining two numbers?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    Runs in 60 milliseconds.

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