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Football Teasers

I don’t like football teasers (or, indeed, anything to do with football) but I do make an effort to solve those that are published by the Sunday Times.  Until now I have tended to use an ad-hoc program to solve them but I have also played with a general purpose solver along the lines of that provided by Jim Randell in his library.  However I have now put more effort into a generic solver that I am making available here as .  This is very much “work in progress” so if you do try it, be aware that it is likely to have bugs in it.    The documentation is very limited so it is most easily understood by looking at examples of its use that I will reference on this page as and when I produce them.  To get started, here is my use of it to solve New Scientist Enigma 492 that Jim Randell has just added on his Enigmatic Code site:

I am not at all at home with the intricacies of football so I would like to thank John Crabtree who has been an enormous help while I have been building this solver. He has unerringly put me on the right track whenever I have come up with ‘solutions’ to my test cases that should not be there.

Teaser 2942
Teaser 2893
Teaser 2845
Teaser 2721
Teaser 2567
Teaser 2528
Teaser 2516