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Sunday Times Teaser 2887 – A Convivial Dinner Party

by Angela Newing

Published January 21 2018 (link)

Three married couples, the Blacks, the Grays and the Pinks, are having dinner together seated around a circular table. The three men had provided one course each towards the dinner. Each lady was sitting between two men, neither being her husband. The first names are Henry, Robin, Tom, Jenny, Monica and Naomi. Robin and Mr Pink go to the same gym as the wife of the provider of the starter and Mrs Gray. The main course provider, an only child, has Monica on his right. The starter provider doesn’t have a sister. The dessert came from someone sitting closer to Naomi than he is to Mrs Black. Henry is brother in law to the starter provider and his only sister is on his left. Tom’s wife made the coffee, while the other two ladies washed up.

What were the full names of all the ladies?

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