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Sunday Times Teaser 2621 – Come Dancing

by Angela Newing

Published: 16 December 2012 (link)

Angie, Bianca, Cindy and Dot were given dance partners and performed in front of four judges, Juno, Kraig, Len and Marcia. Each judge placed the performances in order and gave 4 marks to the best, then 3, 2 and 1 point to the others. The dancers’ marks were then added up and they finished in alphabetical order with no ties. Angie’s winning margin over Bianca was larger than Bianca’s over Cindy, and Bianca’s winning margin over Cindy was larger than Cindy’s over Dot. Juno’s ordering of the four was different from the final order, and Kraig’s 4 points and Len’s 3 points went to dancers who were not in the top two.

How many points did Cindy get from Juno, Kraig, Len and Marcia respectively?

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    Here is my solution

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