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Sunday Times Teaser 2785 – Uncle’s Gift (1)

by Richard England

Published: 7 February 2016 (link)

Uncle Bill has sent a whole number of pounds (less than fifty) to be shared among his three nephews Tom, Dick and Harry. Each has received a whole number of pounds, with Tom receiving the most and Harry the least, but with Tom getting less than twice as much as Harry. Each boy’s fraction of the total gift, when expressed as a decimal, consists of three digits recurring (as in .abcabc…), and the nine digits that appear in the three decimals are all different. (Uncle Ben also sent some money, but I’ll tell you about that next month.)

How much did Tom, Dick and Harry get from Uncle Bill?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

  2. My approach was quite similar, except I used the recurring() function from the library

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