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Sunday Times Teaser 2685 – Not the Gold Cup

by Angela Newing

Five horses took part in a race, one falling at each of the first five fences. Dave rode Egg Nog. Wally rode Nig Nag. Bill’s horse fell at fence two. Dave lasted longer. Big Gun fell at fence three. The jockey in mauve lasted the longest. The jockey riding Dragon wore red. The horse ridden by the jockey in yellow fell before Long Gone. The horse ridden by the jockey in green fell one fence before the horse ridden by Chris. The horses ridden by Fred and his friend in blue did not fall at adjacent fences.

Which jockey wore yellow and which horse did he ride?

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  1. brian gladman permalink

    This one is pretty tedious to program. It is possible that this could be faster if the order of the permuations is changed. But I doubt that its worth the effort.

  2. Slightly more elegant by adapting code from Who Owns the Zebra, but essentially the same idea as Brian’s solution:

  3. brian gladman permalink

    That’s a neat approach Arthur – I like it!

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