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Sunday Times Teaser 2680 – Yesterday

by Peter G. Chamberlain

On a new style of mobile phone each of the number buttons 1 to 9 is associated with either two or three of the letters from A to Z.

The letters are in no particular order, all letters appear and none appears more than once.

M, T and U are on the same button and the numbers typed for SUNDAY, TIMES and TEASER are all multiples of 495.

What number has to be typed for SATURDAY?

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  1. brian gladman permalink

  2. ahmet cetinbudaklar permalink

    Multipliers with 495 must all be odd numbers as a result of which we have Y=S=R=5 from which we can continue to solve the puzzle by trial and error under the given constraints.

  3. GeoffR permalink

    Another python solution to assist site testing 25-11-22

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