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Sunday Times Teaser 3152 – Stamps of Approval

by BRG on February 18, 2023

by Colin Vout

Published Sunday February 19 2023 (link)

I really like the postcards that a friend of mine has sent me each of the last three years from her annual holiday in Farflung. Each card had six stamps on it, involving the same four denominations, and at least one of each denomination was present on each card. These four denominations were all different and coloured differently, and of course represented whole numbers of pecahans. I can’t read what the denominations are, but my friend had remarked the postage totals for the three years were 23, 32 and 36 pecahans.

What were the four denominations, in decreasing order?

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    Under 2 ms with PyPy.
    Initial code has been generated with SubstitutedExpression() from Jim Randell’s

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