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Sunday Times Teaser 3144 – Beware The Jabbers’ Clock, My Son!

by Brian Gladman on December 23, 2022

by Stephen Hogg

Published Sunday December 25 2022 (link)

On the NHS vaccine booking website, my queue position updated every minute. My initial position was an odd value in the 9000s. This value had four different digits, and its leftmost digit and just two others in it were factors of it. Curiously, these properties applied to each of the decreasing four-figure values after the next eight updates. I also noticed that no value had a digit in common with its predecessor, no zeroes occurred before the fourth update and no nines after this.

My son, told just the above, found all the possible values from which a complete set could be selected. From these he was certain of more than one of the nine queue positions.

Give these certain positions in displayed order.

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