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Sunday Times Teaser 3091 – Birthday Money

by BRG on December 17, 2021

by Howard Williams

Published Sunday December 19 2021 (link)

My two daughters were born on the same day but seven years apart. Every birthday, with only one year’s exception, I have given them both five pounds for each year of their age. They are now grown-up, but I have continued to do this on their birthdays, except for the one year when I couldn’t afford to give either of them anything. Averaged out over all of their birthdays, including the one for which they received nothing, my elder daughter has now received 21 per cent more per birthday than her younger sister.

How much in total have I given to my daughters as birthday presents?

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  1. Brian Gladman permalink

    Another solution, based on analysis.

  2. GeoffR permalink

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