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by Brian Gladman on June 19, 2020

Sunday Times Teaser 3013 – Arian Pen-Blwydd

by Howard Williams

Published Sunday June 21 2020 (link)

When I thought that my daughter was old enough to be responsible with money I gave her on her next, and all subsequent birthdays, cash amounts (in pounds) which were equal to her birthday age squared.

On her last birthday her age was twice the number of years for which she received no such presents. I calculated at this birthday that if I had made these gifts on all of her birthdays then she would have received 15% more than she had actually received. I then decided that I would stop making the payments after her birthday when she would have received only 7.5% more if the payments had been made on all of her birthdays.

What was the amount of the final birthday payment?

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