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by Brian Gladman on February 22, 2013

Site Additions

Now that I have completed the move of this site to my ISP’s host, I have made a few changes that I hope will help those who want to join in.

First, I have added a ‘Follow Me’ capability so that you can register to be informed when I make new posts.  If you are a logged in WordPress user you should see a ‘Follow Me’ button above left.   If not you can use the ‘Follow me’ box in the comment section (but I think you will need to comment for this to work).

Second, when you make a comment, you can ask to be emailed if anyone replies to it.

Third, when you make a comment, you should be able to edit it for a short period after you first publish it.

Fourth, I have enables Latex in comments so that you can put maths in comments by using Latex features described here:

For example:

$latex ihbarfrac{partial}{partial t}left|Psi(t)right>=Hleft|Psi(t)right>$

I have added some coverage of algorithms under the Python menu item and I hope to add more in coming months. If you have any ideas where you would like to see more coverage here please do let me know.

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  1. ahmet cetinbudaklar permalink

    I am extremely delighted to follow your site as I am addicted to the Sunday Times brain teasers ever since 60’s while I was studying in London.
    Do inform me of any changes and/or additions.
    With my most sincere regards

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