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by BRG on March 27, 2017

Sunday Times Teaser 2844 – Children’s Children

by Angela Newing

Published March 26 2017 (link)

The head teacher’s retirement celebration was attended by many former pupils. These included Adam, Brian, Colin and David, whose sons and grandsons had also attended the school — actually different numbers of grandsons for each of them, with Adam having the most. Their sons were Eric, Fred, George, Harry and Ivan, and the sons of the sons were John, Keith, Lawrence, Michael, Norman and Oliver.

Altogether Adam and Brian had sons Eric, Fred and one other; altogether Adam and Colin had sons George and one other; altogether Eric, George and Harry had sons Keith, Michael, Norman and one other; and altogether Harry and Ivan had sons Lawrence, Norman and one other.

The retirement gift was presented by the fathers of John’s and Oliver’s fathers: who were they?

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